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                                                               *** A web cam with mic is required for all online classes***

                                                                                                           Most laptops come equipped with a webcam. If you already own one you do not have to purchase one from us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Purchase one here! 

Buyback Information
The BC3 Bookstore buys many textbooks back at the end of each semester. Buyback is usually held during finals week. We pay up to 50% of the purchase price if the book is needed for an upcoming term. For many books not needed on this campus, we may be able to offer the nationally established wholesale price.

Buyback prices may vary, depending on many factors, and some books cannot be bought back.


*Textbook not used again on campus
*Semester specific (Fall or Spring only)
*New edition available
*No national market value
*Instructor requires NEW ONLY (workbooks, lab books, etc...)
*Bookstore overstocked (based on semester enrollment)
*Water damage, excessive hilighting or writing, missing cover or contents that are included with textbook (cd's, companion books, etc...)

Generally, the best prices are paid at the end of semester buyback. At other times, most books drop in value due to wholesale prices.

End of semester information for book buyback is always available in the bookstore.
Please refer to the bookstore website for buyback dates and times.
Buyback is always the week of finals.

BC3 Bookstore 107 College Drive , Butler, PA 16002     •     Ph:  724-284-8503     •     Email: